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Electronic Medication Adherence Products and Strategies

Electronic medication adherence products (eMAPs) are devices that can be used to dispense medication at home. They have features such as audio and/or visual alarms, report generating abilities, and/or provide real-time adherence monitoring. Our team investigates the use and integration of these products in patients’ homes as well as community pharmacy.  

DSL - MMC (Domain Specific Limitation in Medication Management Capacity)

We created a tool known as the Domain Specific Limitation in Medication Management Capacity (DSL – MMC) Tool to provide a comprehensive tool with which to assess an older adult’s ability to manage their own medications.  

MAPs (Medication Adherence Products)

We examined the usability and workload of 21 different eMAPs.  

Clinician Guide

We have developed a Clinician Guide to help clinicians compare the different features of eMAPs when recommending a medication dispensing product to their patients. 

eMAP Survey

We are currently conducting a cross sectional survey to examine the beliefs, behaviours and medication management strategies of older adults with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease. 

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